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The gold is small to open to flick, throw all annoyance to the back of the brain, way:"BE temporarily not thinking to be so many, still have the initiative to solve this dollar dint hole hole."

Li Jun sings breeze to hold tight the time on the gun pole at the leaf start making an effort to take out to return to long gun, but long gun's imitating Buddha and leaf to sing the palm of breeze is that the integral whole is similar, regardless she how make an effort can not make long gun falter very small amount.It is helpless to have to urge true spirit under her to lead the desolate spirit in the long gun, hope to shake to open the palm that the leaf sings breeze.

Arrange a good gold small open 3 people's cabin of room behind, the female captain then throws down them to ignore, a person of oneself returns to bridge house.The gold is small to open the cabin of getting into oneself of room, discover that my noodles only has a bed and a table, other of what also have no.However depend the wall of outside up inset a piece of large porthole, completely can see outside of environment, this pours is make people can't feel to be depressed.

"Boon."Hear the words of the station of car Xuan, the Du flew to immediately trust, tiny tiny on saying with smile, " waits in the elder generation heart after affirming the decision of this time variation person, then come to seek me, we leave together."

See Lee just serious face, the Du flew to helplessly smile to smile, then will he these career in year pick up to speak of speak, can not speak all a language to once take.Probably say that he at the beginning gave offense to a somebody in the domestic and finally ran to seek refuge to Europe, in the near future have learned that that somebody to die and have already then returned to country.

For example in super strong dint weapon"6 increase cannon" in the clear absolute being religious section, actually be scoop out since then ancient civilization weapon from the super historic relic space.This kind of thing can not make at all with existing civilization science and technology.

"That we tomorrow morning leave here!"Smell the speech Du fly and then do decision way.

The chirps ground blares to call, can also start to hang up you

"Ha ha,Ha ha ha ha!I pour to want and see this time, actually can also have what person to obstruct me!"The summer crazy Zong voice laughs wildly, in this a moment, the vehemence on his body is no more lousy than at present of the huge however huge monster, crary breathing is blunt sky of but rise!

"Good!"The Du flies a point to nod and without extra trouble passes the jade quality fire sign to after death bluish green precious jade, then takes out elder jade card and the Zhu Hua Dao person's identity jade card to stick together and row to pass by 3,000 contributions to order.

Be carried on the shoulder on the shoulder by the thunder hat of small happy medium secretly complain of hard lot, he this all the way observation, detection surroundings unexpectedly the human footprints is completely rare to go to, has no idea oneself this is actually located in where now.Even if the control that really escaped a thunder hat perhaps will also get lost in this forest.

"Ah, you sit like this all day long not stuffy?"Although the Du flies not to take to manage her,the Du chisels incessantly of the wave is green, only not successful on the first, absolutely can't give up to strike up a conversation. <

"At under is the manager of casino, this Sir, can lend an one step to talk?"The Du flew to extrude from the wager crowd at the side of table, after pickeding up one cup beverage in the waiter's tray, came over a person in a soft voice asks a way to him, the Du flies to took a look, just of that casino small head of group just heel at his after death.

More accurate answer after, the jade also had bottom at the male in the mind and after a while went and also aim at of talk, in case wrong, know both your opponent and yourself, 100 war not Dai.

Big hole!

The month ruby was held hands a while at the male by the jade, after turning head the tooking a look of ruby oddness jade in month at the male, result the jade suddenly spoke one to make people some at the male hard comprehension, the but again was popular to easily understand of words.

"Green Long Tu Xi!"

"You is brilliant."Explain to the this time, the Du flies heart in have been understand, listen to at this time the other party speak also just tiny tiny on smiling, walk to the stone set in the side later on, slow step Deng go up.

I don't know a moment that is all these be over, in this city I also again what does the going or staying love?Now of I was like a boat that throws to lose helm to can not find my own direction, and was exactly also this kind of to have no a directional felling to let I can choose to cover up beginning strongly and forward blunt, can not come to a stop.This is life give my is also reality to tell my-I understand I very much to can make now of only have without any reservation of go to blunt, I at enjoy this travel of sad, at the same time also at wait for harvesting its sweet.

"So now ten square the three greatest races in the mainland how?"That old and strong voice has already resumed first dispassion, however when he mentions three greatest races emotion up still keep appearing the motion of one silk.

PS:Because want today will before to this inside

"Slice!"See the Du fly and start closing the eyes for a rest, together and together friendship did a grimace to him, then pipe down, started carrying to resume wound since the Dou spirit.

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