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Li Yan has been seeing that just once turn round to looking at the tall ship of sunshine country in the distance after disappearing inside the figure waiting on, momentary flow and ebb of emotion Zong the voice give a long whistle and listen to Li Yan this, four country allied troops of from up arrived about 1,000,000 people to all receive an infection, also along with Lee

'Will Mr Holmes visit us himself?'he asked.

"The Du is some in this year in the mountain self-discipline, talk not last what become rich."Smile to embrace a boxing dozen to come to grips to shout to the Feng Jiao, Du flies and then explains a purpose way, " Feng petite elder sister, the Du is some this to come but occupy to mutually beg."

"This is ……passage?"The gold is small to open some accidents, have never thought here to unexpectedly have such a strange thing.Actually, among this ancient civilization historic relic of thing, the none isn't the imagination that outruns them.

"Xin Ji's president of association, my pupil passed to authenticate."The Louis Si sees Xin Ji's president of association surprised appearance, very satisfied in the heart, smile to come up to remind a way.

"Being really an arms and legs is flourishing, simple-minded!"Ai Luo cannot see as well and made a noise to reprimand angrily to a way, " you forgot on this land and also had a strongly organize?"

"Mao!"The direct one punch that is huge to ring, train the superior in the Min along with one will develop Min to bomb lousy.Later on, those development liquids are from the development Min ragged indentation run off, ship more the superior of house so all over and nakedly walked out.

"This dies guy!I when just can go home!"See the Du fly to no longer realize her, wave green ground of Xing Xing head that stirs to turn sand Tuo, headed for an another part, in the heart not from think of the comfort of the in home of having the past, however now that is already may but can not beg of!

By this time, plain in front of Chang Zhe of H country contains 40,000,000 counters, it is something to win to have 10,000,000 among them.Cha guesses that the in front contained 35,000,000 counters, he lost 5,000,000.The Du flies now in front to have 75,000,000, at last field the last counter is the most.

The gold is small to open to certainly know better than to oneself the energy infusion on the body into forbid among the machine, he still has another good thing-sky Lu evil stone!That thing has already had been having no too great use after he gets, can regard as to collect an article be been small by the gold to open at the crystal of cube in-mainly because Lu evil stone in sky in the energy contained was really too huge, huge arrive gold

See leave space passage to schedule to of open time to there is also half for hour, the Du flies to carefully hide in the neighborhood in a shadow of natural satellite, calm down arrival that need to be worn last moment.

In order to have been waiting here."Hear the inquiry that the Du flies, long happy true person's eyes in full contain deep idea ground of explanation way.

ed upward toward the heavens. But always pity brought me back to earth. Echoes of cries of pain reverberate in my heart. Children in famine, victims tortured by oppressors, helpless old people a burden to their sons, and the whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be. I long to alleviate this evil, but I cannot, and I too suffer.

Hear jade mentioned his/her own parents a while at the male, leaf cloud Qian also has some to worry of say:"Otaku, yesterday's affair you exactly prepare how to do of, I still keep having some to worry."

"Is alas, can in the environment having so strong spiritual influence self-discipline already very like, think to be so much dry what!"Shake, the Du flies to feel that being calm in the heart is some, then continues to shut eyes self-discipline to get up.

"The group heart method of old man goes into a way by feeling, self-discipline of is have a feeling way.However fix true boundary at present in mostly you this kind of icy heartless way monk, the old man has to come to vulgar life time to accept Tu.Thanks to old man to come to vulgar life time O.K., otherwise so good seedling son, not is will be wasted by the white white!"The Du flies a just surprised, but the ear ring out Peng a bit old self-satisfied voice, make him just a bit understand to settle a dispute the beginning and end of feeling, immediately and with full intention rejoice ground to six green happy.

The gold is small to open to lie prone to eavesdrop on the door, discover that the voice seems to be from the next door to spread, and breaks continuously and continuously, hasn't been also stopping, ambiguously wins to seem to be still to have several individuals is talking.

Leave after the capital city, celebrate the bank account of cloud up owned up and must of funds.She feels at this time the condition of vengeance has been mature and makes a convenience of to use financial power, attractive woman and calculations and seduce ascend a R country noble family sons that comes to Z country investment.Made in those early years celebrated the principal offender that the ambition mountain career and reputation are both ruined is to take care of family father and son, however they all have already been executed by shooting.But now celebrated cloud to then want to find out to cause that whole R the people revenging in those early years, although she doesn't know that person is who, poor the whole life

"You!"See a true person of great white crane calm acknowledgement, contentedly and argue, six green temporarily pour could not seek as well what reason to answer criticism, can

The gold is small to open is seeing happy, sudden 1 seems to have a little out of harmony thing the square is from the side one Shan but lead.The gold is small to open to puzzle the ground turns a head to hope to go and fiercely ate an in the heart surprised:That is unexpectedly a dark empty boat!That shape that gets empty boat is peculiar, front breadth empress narrow, look to pour is like a huge drop of water, and even that light Fan that gets empty boat is also a black!

In the social first floor since the childhood, life's Du's flying have been leaning against fist to support his/her own dignity, each time he at with that the force conquers the other party of at the same time, but left in own mind one silk perplexity.These perplexities fly along with the Du of the career is more and more, until the force depended on by him is broken by the other people, these after one year the perplexity of backlog then a flow out but, let him enchant a direction.So he just chose elusion!

Afterwards Chang Gung finally looked for an empress wife.Woman is fled from famine area to come from the other parts of country, also take little girl.The matchmaker deceived"sprinkle"ing of Luo, says still have an ability heavy daughter that live bitterness' live.The stepmother is a Ci eyebrow kind purpose woman, coming in the funeral affairs matter is careful, everywhere caution, with Luo still live together peacefully on the whole.Luo just isn't willing to call Niang, call she"ah", occupy"Wu" one settle a dispute.

Fallen off of bite crystal and gobble up after pit lay by, the gold is small to open to continue to wait for the designation that the card pulls.

"Listenned to this words, the old daddy seemed to be front and back as if not the same person.Sees his face become soft and connected crease to seem to be also to disappear, he sobs.He stretches out to embrace each other me to say:'Son, I also love you, but this words past I have never canned speak.'

F originally of get empty boat, several individuals return to a red road rock first buy some thing, and then accompanied to butcher big food and drink dragon, this just re- set out, all the way rush absolute being all since then.

"This everything pass is important, the way friend can consider several more day, these several days at under will take part in in the territory an emperor Ge holds of with each other city, way friend if want to understand, then can come to look for at under."See ancient dint finally the idea move, the Du flew then to slow down to force in good time, one gift after, then turn round to gesticulate to want path to fly directly to walk.

Gao Er's literary style cent class, she and he be again divided a class afresh, just knew this news girl excitedly and suffered from insomnia several days.The circumstance but again that just schools begins behind makes the girl feel disappointment, because his nearby always round too many girls, and she but can make to quietly see a guest, although she also always the opportunity to seek want to find back the tacit understanding that they once discussed a problem, , helpless, the memory of junior high school to him seem to be already very misty.Just, the girl appreciates to the boy but along with horary of increment but increase.The gradual boy's name became the perfect boy's pronoun in her heart, was profoundly him but infatuated.

12 spend an afternoon, in earnest tidy up an oneself's bookcase, which can stay, which is don't of in a certain book, whether saw a note that is already a long time unfamiliar, or was the name of someone.?

Don't know that who the guest that float to living a valley this time is seals a Ling to guess, not the distance is a sky, water building, seal a Ling to ponder to, aught, still first enjoy to the water building in sky for a while.

Being charmingly feminine had better be 1 kind to accept the skill that can put, but don't let it to become your characteristic.

Chapter 77 I owe your

Once connected after the card Du to fly a point to nod, also have no again many speeches, directly leave.

In the hall exact center, the unreal suspends large rhombus crystal of a cake of.That rhombus crystal is like a two spindles of sharp points, don't live ground to slowly revolve, repeatedly rang like the voice of roll of thunder sort at the same time from among that crystal spread, whenever the roll of thunder rang out, then would have one Peng only rain spouted projected from the crystal, slow-movingly the dissipation is in the whole heavy palace.

As a result Tang can the son basically has no fee what energy wait small pure energy of money to use up, Qian Xiao Qing saw be panting, Tang can the son is re- suppressed Qian Xiao Qing's two wrists with he or she's a hand, then Tang can the son suddenly stretched hand to drilled into from Qian Xiao Qing's armpit and acrossed clothes to hold tight Qian Xiao Qing of full.

In the whole history that fix true boundary, the emergence of gold A corpse only have twice, but all twice lets to fix true boundary vitality big harm, death and harm innumerable.However gold A corpse exactly has what ability, those and gold A corpse to Zong Men who once fought is to keep secret, revealed 1:00, that is gold A corpse after having lie in diverted and expect and match a body for initial stage of the real strenght of!

"Certainly have, fly one degree elder brother to want how many?"Hear the Du fly openings to beg for to want, the Zhu Hua Dao person immediately and straightforwardly says.He tries on good terms Du to fly, but has no result in times before.See now the Du fly good think greatly of these two late lament pupils very much, in the heart on turning, then want to begin from they.

The gold is small to open the task of biggest this trip have been already completed, the eldest brother in heart a piece of rock finally falls to the ground, that kind of is relaxed absolutely can not describe, the gold is small to open to even want a Zong voice to give a long whistle, vent heart with this in of excitement of feeling.

See arrive nearby 138 squads 5 people's facial expressions are also some not to, the Du flies and then lets out the absolute being know facing inshore there explore to go, after waiting to probe into the circumstance of that islands clearly, turn head to say with smile to them:"How, hear want build up encampment on the island some to have no kick left?"

I recalled very big short while and had already finally thought of:", Oneself was indeed three times ordered last week, once is the lesson that guided a member orders, be once ordered by the psychology teacher's boyfriend(boyfriend for her generation lesson) of, and another , can his mama also really enough and miserably of, drive fasten student association to order.On with in the week being covered three hats, can also calculate on the list!"

"Have not I already said very clearly before!I want rock!"Du's flying to looking at is rounded into the soul stone of wall on all sides, full is a heartache in the heart, he begs at the difficult daughter of outside of soul stone, but be seen as the building materials here!

"You!"See black tunic man's still not dry not and cleanly scold, great white crane true person double eyes a cold, then want to make moves.At this time although she knows the fixing of the other party as far far Gao Guo,thought of in the heart that the Du flies in the neighborhood, then have a sink into an oneself

The owner of big gear sees the trouble of occurrence, harsh voice call down have been already frightenned dense as a block part-time job younger sister, the young girl accepts to can not stand thus of call down, start clapping to choke.Sees this amateur give musical performance a house to keep starting and use"category the cello Hun Be thick deep and low euphonic to answer criticism this calling down of owner:Is original the ground of the pit pit Wa Wa plus an in great disorder coal gas pipe again how can not Ban person, owner should bow inwardly responsibility, blame to do a part-time job a younger sister for what reason!

Chapter 8 district in the center(next)

"If is really similar to what you guessed, that this sea Si's pouring to also return is really interesting."

Death. old age. are words without a meaning. that pass by us like the idea air which we regard not. Others may have undergone, the or may still be liable to them-we"the bear a charmed life", the which laughs to scorn all such sickly fancies. As in setting out on delightful journey, we strain our eager gaze forward- Bidding the lovely scenes at distance hail!-and see no end

However Chen Shi Bin's plan be flown this unexpected person by the Du to disturb.After he listen to younger generation Chen Jing saying that the unfamiliar and diverted superior arrives at the territory of Peng Lai, then have different idea:If invitation thou the dint participate in, after the event thou the dint very likely acquire his gold

Jilt jilt a head, the gold is small to open this just see in the moment several pure individuals, is exactly a Wei fingerling and butcher big dragon and dint Wang San Ren.They nervously stare at their they, the color of concern is overflowed to speech form.

"Stop bottom, adjust to turn a direction!"See airship around have already rippled to have to divert in war turn in the front

"Stupid goods!Lao Tze this all for the sake of how are you!"The fire tooth absolutely soon grieved and cannoted help but exploding a thick, there is such a fusion, is really own misery."You now already provoke last so many force influences, have so many good things again on the body, you return to pull a relation with big summer clansmen at the same time, more wide of the mark is your body to up still blend the blood of strength of summer clan ……you does this still want to keep out of it?Next life!"

Realize the car Xuan station on the back shuts eyes language not, the Du flies to also have no again say more what, continued to move forward to head for the front door of city is with each other.However is previous his once ambiguously hasing already taken car Xuan station have already returned to permafrost viewpoint,was vanish.Now that the other party can not believe him, that he doesn't can trust the other party again as well, in cosmos but his heart of the Earth place the biggest secret, these he in no case will make the person who can not trust know!

"Bond maid how would not° until now come back?"The captain smiled 2,

"Up, around ten thousand years of?"The gold is small happy medium the surprise, surprisingly history of this place, unexpectedly have already far and far outstripped the thing jotted down on historical records.

"Give I go to!"The gold is small to open to shout at top of voice, right hand forward and fiercely on pushing, that forbids machine blood emperor to take a vehemence for pressing forward with indomitable willing and bomb however hurtle toward the weakness of origin core!

Five lines of spiritual influences under the operation that Du fly more become more slow, time almost will hold still, the Du flies suddenly stuffy hum a , dollar absolute being one earthquake, suffered from not light wound.

In better than to the other people's love seek to the other people on.

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