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However, the normal eye contact for two people engaged in conversation is that the speaker will only look at the listener from time to time, in order to make sure that the listener does pay attention

"Where?Is quick to see for us!"Hear the Du fly an affirmative speech, beard righteousness immediately and excitedly the uprising ask a way.If can boycott the variation person's magnetic force and laser beam, that battles at the soldier of list aspect, the variation person basically wants to lose the tiger of lackey of gangs, defenseless!

The gold is small to open to feel that his/her own back has already been soaked through by the cold sweat, from just the reaction of that old up see, obviously he is really Xing Tan.The gold is small to open eyes once swept from moreover several Human bodies and also corresponded in the brain of leap these people's name-all of these people are the elders that the poles ice believes in, the real strenght is superb, also the high personnel whom the pole ice believes in to entitle to understand some confidential affairs at the same time.

"The I, wes don't know as well ……" gold is small to open to do of an appearance of injustice, will before and ever to fill the Ni Er once said of leasing and then said 1 time towards dragging along thunder.Drag along a thunder point to nod, pour to also relatively believe to this parlance.Only he doesn't believe the gold is small to open is an evil stone harbor that person arrives at, after all a young girl Gu body goes out, it isn't too to match reason really.

Chapter 48 fishing company(up)

"Elder generation, the just red tail president of association notifies I tomorrow take part in black Long Hui's summit conference!"Hear the Du fly inquiry, the small male respects a farmland immediately tiny take to excitedly say.There is this allusion, that means that already a feet in the small male house step into black dragon will the row or column of high household!

While being pure to work properly an arrival, water's sealing a Ling is fixing to go to sleep, however the beauty arrives and seals a Ling to cancel an original plan, water is pure to work properly to be dressed in a whole body goose today of the clothes in yellow, dress up pretty much please the eye.Seal to traverse a full face to smile a lookinging at of idea her, don't know he at think

"I am an oriental, having a kind of occult art can not eat for a month."The Du flies a point to nod and affirmed together together graceful guess.

, If Mo Chou Gu send a person to come inquiry, he slack suit a platform before the match just appearance for closing.Mo Chou Gu has never directly struck against China Wei the religion denounce and punish, but make China strict to secretly fish for, think necessarily be have no definite evidence, and the Du flies to think to oneself to do very hiddenly, didn't leave any trace, if he insisted to is a platform before the match just closed, doing not perhaps and not worry valley and others the fish clan would be also half believe and half doubt, this matter meeting slowly become a have no the head hang a case.However by so doing, hereafter in the luxuriant far star, Du's flying can not peep out original appearance, China in the concealed bead is strict, if rat and mermaid can not take out again, either.

After arriving Qin Di space, the gold is small to open to very quickly and then leave empty boat.

"A short while goes out behind you had better the cent head act, these two forms tell time for you, had better come back by 8:00 p.m.."Ai Luo in brief explanation way.

"You how don't ask why do I take banana?"Be getting more uniform, see Be about to close to yacht, together and together friendship suddenly the openings ask a way.

The mean person just was really blind eye, also was the Sir as a sand thief, hope that the Sir can forgive mean person!"

The fourth bureau is again a Du to fly to win.Since released, the Du flew also lazy must hide.However, that white man was just heel 1 gave up, on the contrary was the guy of that hoot to have a three, flew to carry on the shoulder bottom with Du, finally lost 8,000,000.

"Liked Mu to permit, fatty always so, you just said of is what mean?"Ao snow holds up much many money of abouting to speak the words.

'But if Miss Stapleton is really his wife,why is he a close friend of Mrs Laura Lyons?'

Expect Luo Er to ponder in a short while, peeped out one on the face silk dignified air, soft-voiced and mumbling way:"…… This thing …… impossible …… probably, probably and really is ……"

The slave girl tells him the method for counteracting poison, as for shone on not to shine on to do and then see themselves."Big don't hestitate of promise a way.

"Can I not see your boy?"Hear the Du flies of ask words, the car Xuan station has never liked a spirit ground responsibility to ask a , then positive color way, " you won captain to deliver for you how many pieces of in does the article work properly a stone?"

"Shout!"After slowly vomiting an one breath, the Du flies to slightly open a pair of eyes.Along with a glow-in-the-dark is from the star Mou flash across, the Du flies of double the eye immediately become even to actually get up, and the whole body vehemence is astringent, if walk in the street of vulgar life time, estimate that no one will recognize the identity of his monk.

Ascend small male house!However the scout that just listenned to the heavy male of red tail saying to let in the Z country checks his identity, this Du's flying to pour isn't afraid.In the middle of fixing true boundary in addition to martial be of in addition to key figures, basic no one flies the Du of customs field, and flows flying of cloud territory one degree the true person contact to arrive believe together those black dragon will the scout in Z country, can't come in contact with Wu Dang's key figures' person, either!By that time, they can have no achievement but return!

The gold is small to open to stop a step, dollar the dint remit to gather a double in the eye, the super Tong technical ability launches!Immediately at present hallway like be projected light upon generally by the strong light, number with doubly account ground brightness get up, at the same time the slender ray of light of some thin silk sorts appears among the view that is small to open in the gold.Before the small gold opens a body of in the hallway, ground, two, all spread densely a few sign lines, the sign line sends forth of the defense wall block the whole passage completely, don't say a person, even don't think that flies to cross to pass by.

Looking at Xin Ji president of association according to after moving a button, the bookcase of his office separates to the both sides and peeps out the mirror noodles of a per person Gao, the Du flies then Xin Ji's president of association just put on for his five planets entry-level sorcery tunic.

Finish seeing person of hush memory bubble in relevant quiet put out a person of everything, the Du flies tiny the eyebrows wrinkling up recovered down again, because quiet put out up the person close the border of secret room, only know on a person of person of hush, however this person change now the Du fly!

The gold is small to open to record those influences that prepare to adopt pre-eminent means to oneself all down, then then starts pursuing "visit"ing of they.The gold is small to open now but four ranks gobble up and even have strong dint to bite a treasure thunder war drum for sky, super strong invoke monster ground fire monster Jing, even if is a practicing moral teachings of even rank he is also

World drive they's daughter play trick so also can wry smile several bottoms, the owner just says this time:"Everyone saw, this bottom had no words to say, my younger sister affirmation is to fancy you, now is not is should listenning to my words directly say for her clear, my younger sister is also more outspoken person, certainly I probably didn't test in some aspects

"Do not forget, here is where?"Water is 1000.

A transparently glues the dense liquid opened body to everywhere flow out out from the small gold and soon was then small to open the whole body to wrap up the gold, and more and more, gradual of unexpectedly formed a large liquid ball!That liquid seems to take to have certain causticity, his clothes are very quick and then completely turn, till the last the gold is small to open silly foolish foolishly be bound in the middle of this liquid ball, naked of body afloat wear, completely didn't understand to actually take place what affair.

See this help boy to finally step to the pass important square one, the gold was small to open to also have no to patiently continue training the bottom go, thought of oneself still has never experienced the appearance of space city in Qin Di and then smile hello

Feel in out of the sky that to have if the terrible threat of substantial sort, lake noodles above white fog annoys to also suddenly have variety, an in multiple layers transparent protection doesn't live formation and solidify, project light upon in the ray of light under, feel like formed large transparent glass of 1 F of cover, cover with at the whole lake noodles on!

"That we go to a front a chafing dish store of distance not, the yonder flavor is pretty quite good."Lifting into the style hasn't been sent down, the small beautiful pocket inside also has no how much , now listen to Xu Ting so on saying, straight-tempered sought chafing dish store in the house, cheapness and then real benefit.

"See come even if worked properly burning entity to turn, still keep gobbling up circumferential thing, however the scope gobbled up drive fix!"Work properly white burning took back inside the body, the Du flew mumbling to oneself way.Now white works properly burning still too little, at most can become the thing of a boxing set or bayonet size, if want to become a big piece of, some dint didn't arrest, that whether lets to work properly burning pass to gobble up to strengthen some?

"Boon thanks!"See a girl finally be said, the Du flew hurriedly a way voice, as for the girl's threat, he doesn't put in the mind.

"I am worried that you will jump into river."The week Fan speaks slowly.

Throw a fist into ground the shot go, the Du flies and startledly discovers, he didn't feel any resistance, the right boxing had already deeply worn stone quality plank, and leave a hole of football size.Will work properly again burning change Huan become a bayonet, the Du fly slightly on the ground on rowing, agreeable leave sewing of a 67 Li rices breadth scar.

Time of coming home, I hurtle into a house and want to tell the wife my plan.She has already gone to bed to sleep at that time, but I anyway still called awake she.I am such and such to tell her, she not only has a bed, absolutely be spring up to embrace each other me, after getting married first time she witnessed the appearance that I weep over.Our article wears coffee to say that night the words had been chatting till midnight.This felling is excellent!

If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Is this it 1 kind that how and timidly drag out a shameful existence?The dozen can not strike back, can evade.

Chapter 21 year old cold three friends(up)

The title hopes to keep the mountain peak of putting the high in the clouds, the Du flew to helplessly take out to climb tools and implements, again upwards basic is all steep slope, the some places even is 90 degrees or higher than 90 degrees, one of need not tool, barehanded climb up, fly but talk to the Du basically impossible.


"?Is so good?"The crystal ball in hands that the gold is small to open to turn over to reply to see two times of, but how also completely at sea, the end then passes the crystal ball to the impress way:

Fly in the star sky all the way, in addition to Chen Shi Bin's heart is excited, the Du flies heart to read in addition to flashback, demon palace 3 people rectum son, just the stuffy head walks faster and has no him to think;But wood beard son but is know much half of plans of Chen Shi Bin, in mind don't live to calculate;As for thousand crane year, the air seems to be ancient well wave not, but the look in the eyes often has some rocks, just very concealed Hui, and everyone is walking faster, the nobody notices.

For the father's proposal, Li Dan Shu consents gladly.How after all again genius, she is still a female kid of youth juniority, begin to work of effort for proving himself/herself, but she has already perfectly reached a target and belongs to the female kid's disposition to come up naturally now, to the whole day sit office some get fed up with flavor.

"Aunt Zhao, I also not so many useless talks, directly say for you, you just also saw photograph, you and beginning beginning of the mother be really like, because this reason, uncle Sun discovers to you have a little good will, but he cans not distinguish because you long of be like the former wife that he dies to just have good will to you, or have good will to you, very early previous please me to hope that I could help to lead long red line, I once analyzed a lot of times for uncle Sun as well,all didn't know exactly is which, I finally say for owner, the owner's meaning is to let you the place for a while see, and the beginning harbours to also know this affair now, she also relatively expects you can make her of the second mother, now our all of the meaning is this, the meaning for seeing you."Jade at male the one breath directly said out all things.

Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. The distance makes two hearts depend nearer.

"Know!"For fly a true person of one degree to let the Yan leave to take charge of, in worry China heart although is a bit dissatisfied, but don't dare to speak, can be with Kai, Chang Li 2 people nod together and mean to agree with.


Looking at to slowly leave by oneself boat rare Er to toward virtuous Wei of Ao to pull to say:"Send out on the whole they went to, the later road was about to depend themselves, hoped that we can return to wes' home town this time, even if is dead also at last shed leaves to return a root!"The Ao virtuous Wei pulls to looking at gradually and go gradually and far and by oneself ordering of boat infirmity to nod and no matter how it is, say at return to a home town, this affair on the whole is had a good beginning.

The fierce heaven of one side towards money of blush with shame much many cold say:"Idiocy, learns a skill Jing not, diagram from throw a person."Finish saying green non-commissioned officer dragon's soldier whom the small steel needle buttonned up to point a to play a black facing is passing by beside from their body after plays.The circumstance like this makes Li Jun Yi foolish, she didn't thought of this the fierce heaven of cold face cold language always will again make moves to green Long Jun after money much and more accidentally lose.Although fierce heaven usually and money quarrel much and more, but their friendship at 1:00 also the unlike person is little, so he a see money bring shame more nature to want more for him to find back a son.

Think we will discuss how many days how many nights don't become?"Smell the speech Du fly to funnily answer criticism six a green green, don't treat her to again answer criticism later on, then continue way, " I am leaving Peng Lai, just I already with Peng way friend once said, you if would like to, leave together with me."

"In the morning good rest, we go to Africa in the afternoon!"Come out elevator, the Du flies a back to toward Ni can way, " ticket I will make a phone call to book, you need not took care of."Finish saying the head didn't return to the ground time oneself's room as well.Ni can the appearance in nowadays is very coarse, he not think that the Ni can be excessive embarrassed.

"Even the name of Ye don't you know as well?!"

"Do not know that the chain device that the elder needs that rank anticipates?"Fly Du to take toward material database, that reception monk side walks side to ask a way.

"The time arrived."The voice of middle age almost heard for canning not smell, but all people all.

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