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Son and daughter top rcital cruciale qui s'est pass en Nineteen seventy nine. Ce regimen comprenait des Prludes dom Messiaen et vos visuals d'une exposition dom Moussorgski.
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O.K. say, unwillingly can beat a draw to the five planets elder of war with it;Can fly the summit of hill giant manipulating to carry on the five planets elder to the war with Du, have already completely been placed in a leeway, all have the possibility to be defeated at any time, go to this, he immediately towards to float Ma Pi Fu's leader of alliance beside enjoying a play to denounce openly.


Love a clean person, but it happened that clapped oneself full is the shoulders of blood stain, this is obviously very not in the right!

The gold is small to open to hear this words, foolish Leng a long time, the facial expression becomes one red gradually, embarrassed way:"1,000 is one rank as follows, 10,000 is two ranks as follows, 100,000 is three ranks as follows ……damn!I made to mix at that time, also thought 1,000,000 was three ranks as follows, so always they severals regarded as three ranks of gobbled up ……"

"Three times?"The gold is small to open a bitterness face way:"Calculate, could save to order to use."

"Is alas!"Wait until that to bind after bandit go out, the summer cloud Xi helplessly sighed tone and dismantled the rope that her body up disguise to bind, then picked up a lunch-box that sends forth calories.

"Hua!"Because the Du flies the concealed bead is from the purple mansion Zhao, the way in the war turn clear fairy is one Zheng, immediately know and discover that the Du that fight outside of circle flies and airship through a fairy.

After 10,000,000,000 years of development, this cosmos has already started facing energy dried up embarrassed Tai, but the new energy develops a technical development and has no good enough.The cosmos parliament has already started holding a meeting to discuss this problem currently.If this problem once canning not getting solution, that they are the living creature machine science and technology civilization that depends on energy, difficult escape to perish of end!

Ever since that time meet a beginning, the Du flies always to he sarcastic comments, suddenly see now the Du fly heartfelt changed an attitude, the car Xuan station temporarily has some to frighten into inaction.However exactly was the old curio that lives till ten thousand years, the car Xuan station moment adjusted to like emotion and took out a facial expression of generation respected master to fly to sink a track to the Du:"Acknowledging wrong can change, kind great how!Now that you today sincerity to beg to teach for teacher, that encourages for the teacher to difficultly receive you for it.Hereafter you be our machine absolute being believe in of the seventh generation spread a person, hope that you can believe in a door to promote and re-appear the brilliance of machine absolute being!"

"Fire tooth, just did you have to discover me what's wrong?"The gold is small to open silently in mind call a fire tooth.

Was apart from to fly to communicate with Du last time insight, time already past month.These days of long happy true persons have been considering how to fly from the Du body up get the message of ancient strategies, however he have no the slightest threads.

Appeared a great deal of gasification status, filled the air water fog for covering with.Although the power of blizzard is fastenned sorcery continuous depletion by the fire,the fire fastens sorcery at also equally drive the ice fasten sorcery consume.The sorcery of rose and jasmine was fastenned sorcery by Ping Yue Shan's breeze to borrow down, in spite of is only fasten sorcery or darkly fasten sorcery the power under the equal level all want to be bigger than breeze to fasten sorcery, much less Ping Yue Shan at this time with a to two.The breeze fastens sorcery in addition to attackstone the speed is quickly outside almost to have no advantage, theory attack the not equal to fire fasten and talk about to defendoof not equal to soil to fasten, theory tenacity not equal to water fasten, even if is so the breeze fasten sorcery remain the zhan has a place on the mainland, nature is have its original place.

Qiao impassability, there is problem rather seeking a Yao area gentleman king.But Yao area gentleman king the body up has no now how much strength, can in the knowledge level help oneself for a while.

The gold is small to open finally and get into the awakening of fourth rank.

'What a question!'she said.'What right have you to ask me about my private life?But the answer is 搉 o".'

Chapter 62 cloth

Let go of the cup in the hand, the small male respects a farmland will he the speed for enduring in the sky develop extreme achievement, quick facing manor Lue in the doorway goes.The heavy male president of association came to visit in person from the red tail of attitude to see, they small male house rising ages, seem to be about to come!

Is huge to loudly break along with one bombing

The nasty sea of Zhao Xu's meteorite rain and Ao virtuous Lun crazy big wave first arrives a reserved target and whet dish 7 people, such as heavy meteorite and endless limitless wave facing Kelly...etc. offend, Kelly, compare a benefit, thin promise three personal palm connect with each other, the Dou spirit in fire red connects into integral whole, brilliant of the red Dou spirit dash forward sky, the fire chemical element Dou spirit's being good at at this time the strength of attack is a single glance takes in all, those meteorites that come in contact with Dou spirit changed into to smash while signing, to 3 people have no the slightest of influence.Add a promise, fully add, then forward several Xin Ji Si, block at 3 Kelly of before the body, 3 people same of the palm hold with each other, the Dou spirit in soil yellow same of connect became integral whole, that spirit that is thick and actually protect body Dou good the city wall of one noodles fastness generally nasty sea the crazy big wave form of the wave blocked down, as for those meteorites fall and protect the Dou of the body and annoy at them last send out a few stuffy ring be played a part.As for is whirling to then continuously move, other talented persons experience whirling real real strenght this time, sees whirling that dark blue of protect body Dou the spirit spread all over whole body and quickly avoid being seen the meteorite of air downfall and wear on the hand of talons or hook or point of fly those meteorites shots that can not avoid being seen.

"Is so?But your airship was captured by that evolution body, this matter could not prove at all."Hear wave green defense, the Suo pulled Bo to coolly shake to shake head a way.Although the wave is green to is his close granddaughter, in consideration of this matter lead long to pull very big, if the end assurance can not find out that cosmos passage, that no matter the wave is green say exactly to is to isn't true, must hand over her to go out to arrive offense.

"Since it is so, that I returned to reply."Listen to the Yan leave to say to fly one degree elder has no opinion, Luo rather and then started to take leave.However walk to doorway, he turned head to leave to smile to say with smile to the Yan, "the Yan leave, the Kai is, you this under at last walk a big way.Like stem, hereafter still need to please much more twoer look after!"Say Luo rather left toward the Yan to be arch with Kai arch hand, turn round to leave in quick time.

"Can disorder a star area is a perfect evolution body to appear the most multifarious place, if run into over there a ten star class above perfect evolution body, we are getting over!"Hear the choice that the Du flies, the wave is green unbearable to advise a sentence.However wait after the firmness that she sees the Du flying in the eye, then and helplessly shook to shake head, the order moxa rice choice the first route marches forward.

Immediately after, the Du fly and escorted 20,000 dollars of small, indeed as expected, the Du flies still escort medium, ask for everyone doubted.


4 Difficulty problem The Problem

Imitate the Buddha is from this sentence in got courage similar, the jade no longer feels at the male he or she just of the felling has what terrible of, as long as oneself can overcome him, don't fear him, oneself can find out a way.

The Du flies at this time of work properly to know, is no longer the ivory that presented before, but a kind of thin gold color, at the same time physical volume also the Ning shrunk a lot.According to reason, works properly to know of probe scope to depend is the quantity that works properly to know.Be like to pursue the station that delivers an information to order, each of the distance for keeping is certain, so the point is more many, probe of scope more big.But the Du flies at the moment weirdly feels, this regiment narrowed of the thin gold color works properly to know, absolute work properly to know than the previous ivory to get stronger.

"Bad person prohibits to beat my mother!"See the father be like a dead dog similar be lifted by 2 people, but the mother be arrived in the ground by those two bad person Chuais, always silent not the little girl of language suddenly rush toward to go to two bodyguards and want to revenge for mother with her that childish arm.

It is small to open to finally can not away with, turned over a body to climb.

PS:The second arrives more!

.But the Du fly of the sky soul divide time concealed bead then after absorbing the spirit of five lines of origins, oneself produced world to turn into.If the Du flew an ability at that time whole body the nature threw in this kind of to turn into in, the mood expected after completely canning directly promote to match a body!Unfortunately he at that time was occupied in flee for life, not dared divide attention, can make a dollar absolute being passively aroused by the concealed bead, also at last accept of mulberry Yu, lose of eastern corner!

Tang can son the tiny title is charmingly feminine of white one eye jade say at the male:"All not just blame you, everyone all knew now, however O.K. they don't know that we are already ……"

e is still the little boy I loved and cared for.I had to help him.Every thing my husband has done has been for me.Please don't take his job from him.It's not his fault.'

Qian Xiao Qing sees Tang can son just in the thinking, also not is worriedly wait for Tang in a side can the answer of son, in fact these several days, everyone saw Tang can the variety of son, woman at elaboration the aspect always have to be much better than the man, especially concerning feelings this kind of affair they was also a sensitive, but Qian Xiao Qing today of so willing think like this and ask Tang can the son also sees Tang on the islet from her can the son is flirted at the male by the jade of the time, because under the very normal circumstance Tang can son can't so easy"accept defeat" of, much less Tang can the son haven't noticed her by himself/herself the nautical mile noodles comes up of time very natural of sit to the jade is in the male's flank, and jade at male depend of so near, under the general circumstance several females can't feel too strange of, because position really not much, this money is small pure because jade at male and Tang can son of of the small action is also an at heart and contain doubt and cautiously considered and discover for a while Tang can the son seem and directly walk to the jade and stand down by the side of the male of, and very of nature, seem very as usual similar of, this small place lets more small pure doubt Tang of money can son.

This is me for the first time in the wilderness, one comes.

"Enough have fun for three days!"The Du flies directly and takes out 10,000 to pass to old Lee, " old Lee, this is 10,000, inside of 5,000 be regarded as your hard fee!"

"Did you take photo in the outer space?"Lee is seeing the Du fly into a toilet and then no longer play tricks and sit to ask a way in the sofa.

Qian Xiao Qing thoughts of a leaf cloud Qian may already also drive jade at the male and Tang can the son persuade, hence ask a way:"Small Qian, have you already known cocoa and the otaku's affair?"

, You see your body, at most also still have more than three years of life span, I think you also would not like to at so young of time die?So quickly find out to work properly actually is your initial target!As for say other those are small come small go to of problem, neglect good."

Although jade at male even if is to directly start aggression, Lin Mu Xue also most will symbolize to sexually resist for a while, if jade at male a little bit more careful, slowly come, so first doing not say can't have been already resisted, that sentimental appeal is getting more different, know jade at male now not is place male, also not is connect the girl's hands have never led long of otaku, he has already owned very and abundant true war experience, is exactly to make use of the time of oneself's means now and has no that female kid to like a man to treat himself/herself too directly, all of women is more emotion, which afraid is the man whom oneself likes, if can be a little bit more gentle and soft, if can more have sentimental appeal 1:00, they are certainly to even like, absolutely not joyless.

Kiss to turn the affair small, usually those politicians all really do one the honor.

Dividing time an unreal image is broken up, super absolute being mother the monster also connected to take to suffer from some slight wounds, this made it raving fury more thousand times and face two have strong strength of forbid a machine light dragon, that super absolute being mother monster unexpectedly not the Shan don't avoid a ground of hard hard Han of hurtling to come up, seeming to prepare to want!

"The originally human cause is so."The gold is small happy medium regrets, see the true facts of appearance history indeed as expected is to conceal in the middle of heavily being fond of fog, oneself is from the Yao area at least gentleman Wang Kou is pleasing to listener to of these, understood with oneself before of as different as chalk and cheese.However, the gold is small to open some questions is also:"But the mankind created by those bedlamites, should can't have very great power?Do they how carry on combat with those big summer clansmens?"

"Does the old man want to know to fly whether true person of one degree would like to do the elder of this territory?"Ponder some kind of after, the bosom bamboo true person asked this to let the Du fly some shocked words.

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